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Office Automation for Traffic Controllers

Traffio offers a traffic control booking system that makes your traffic control business more efficient, safer and happier. Traffio allows your office staff to rapidly organise your workforce, with less administration and less stress. Traffio offers practical solutions and fresh ideas to the complex traffic management industry. Traffio is committed to providing innovation, safety and compliance, and creating harmonious workplaces. Traffio offers your business a cost-effective booking and administration platform that allows you time to grow your business and ideas and save on overheads.  Do more with less.



Live Booking

See your available and inducted staff and vehicles at any moment. Increase productivity across the office with no risk of doubling up on staff & equipment, confirming the correct qualifications and inductions as you go.

Drag & Drop

Move your staff from one booking to the next & get the right fit for your clients needs without having to start a new booking with every change. This makes your management of staff a breeze and allows quick and accurate changes to be made in the live platform.

Drag and Drop

Automatic Alerts

Traffio intelligently points out when things are not quite right. Scheduling conflicts are highlighted as you allocate resources to jobs. Missing or expired skills and inductions are clearly marked so you can make the right decisions, keeping the job safe and avoiding the costly mistakes of sending the wrong or unqualified TC. With our commitment to safety, the rest time between employee shifts is also calculated and highlighted when insufficient breaks between shifts are not adhered too.

Search Function

The “SEARCH” bar in every layer of Traffio makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Missing someone or something? Search for them quickly and easily wherever you are. No more diving into boxes or changing systems to work out what you need, or where to find it.


Job Cloning

Quickly repeat a booking if the job is ongoing over multiple days, with no need to start from scratch each time. This saves valuable time in the office and keeps the messages sent to the field consistent. While updating the booking information to the next stage of the job & adding any changed TMP’s.

SMS communication

Rapidly organise a casual workforce with the use of Traffio’s automated SMS and e-mail messaging. Staff can be notified via SMS, email or both, with a quick YES or NO indicating their availability. Eliminate the need to chase them with multiple phone calls or emails. Once all staff have confirmed, the booking will automatically proceed.

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Eliminate double booking

With the use of client booking numbers, you will eliminate the accidental overlap of bookings from one operator to the next and allow clear and transparent tracking of the booking through to invoicing. Upload multiple bookings from one client easily using the “Bulk Upload” function saving time & effort.


Traffio can customise the data to suit your specific requirements and can customise reporting to give you a better understanding of the business challenges you face.  

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Manage your fleet

Traffio lets you easily manage vehicles and assets and provides, the tools to get better utilisation of each piece of equipment. Operators can assign vehicles, fuels cards, and access comprehensive log of the vehicles' booking history. As well as work out who was driving, what and when.  Handy for when those pesky traffic fines turn up or accidents are reported.

Skills & inductions

Say goodbye to missed renewal dates. Traffio notifies you when any qualifications, licenses, inductions or registrations are getting close to expiry or need renewal. Eliminate the risk of staff ending up where they should not be, or not being qualified for the tasks at hand. Traffio tracks skills and inductions for every staff member, as well as all booking requirements and has stored, scanned copies a few clicks away. Traffio also has the same function for vehicles.

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Logos hardware


Traffio runs in a web browser and works on all modern PCs, tablets and smartphones. Cloud infrastructure allows you to connect from your office, out in the field, or even from your couch at home. Never miss an opportunity to manage your bookings again.

Track Leave & availability

An easy day-by-day availability tracker, so no more chasing your casual staff around for their availability. Casuals can be marked as unavailable for the rest of the day if they decline a job or cannot complete a shift.

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Australian IT support

Not sure how to make a change? Ask our support team via the feedback tab inside of the app and they will give you directions via email or over the phone, in a quick and simple way, using plain English from our offices in Melbourne. To request more detailed training from the Traffio team, head to the link at the bottom of this page.

Data security

Traffio prides itself on the secure and robust cloud-based platform that is being used, with no down time ever recorded in its 5 years of operation. It offers state-of-the-art reliability, redundancy and stability for your business.


Payroll (Eba & Award)

Streamline operations and eliminate double entry of data with Traffio’s intelligent payroll integration. As well as hours, Traffio tracks applicable overtime rates and allowances, and can export to all major internal and outsourced accounting packages.

Integrated Invoicing

Traffio's invoicing functionality allows for different rate schedules to be implemented for each client, project and specific booking. Save time and avoid double handling with each booking, without giving the accounts department a headache. See how shifts are broken down into billable items with the graphing of the hours spent for each site.



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User friendly

Traffio prides itself on the simple, user friendly and uncomplicated programming that can used by anybody, regardless of their IT knowledge. This makes implementation and acceptance of change much easier and with less blow back from the field.

Streamlining Administration

Complete tasks no matter where you or your staff are. Cross state lines or centralise your administration with each depot's bookings & accounts being made from a central office location & reduce administration costs across the board. Traffio takes the pain and suffering away from the day to day scheduling & administration of your business, and helps expand your business without adding overhead.

Leave SS
expired Ss

Inductions (Staff & Fleet)

Alerts allow you to follow up with inductions that are about to/have expired without having to track each employee personally. If you require a specific qualification or induction for the booking, simply add the skill to the search bar and it will automatically eliminate the staff that don’t fit the criteria. Icons next each person give you a quick indication of skills & qualifications they possess to complete the tasks required.


Casuals respond with an easy YES or NO response on their device of choice, which then enables the system to update and allocate them accordingly. This then notifies your operations team of the actions or reactions that are required for the booking. Keeping everyone in the loop, so the bookings progress. Once all positive responses have been collected, all booking information and documents are sent to each of the TCs automatically.


Document sharing

Send through TMP’s and quickly and easily or send changes to TMP’s or SWMS documents to site & save the running back and forth, saving you downtime on your clients' projects. Add as much detail as required.

Fatigue Management

Traffio helps provide a safer working environment by ensuring that staff have sufficient time off between shifts (even when shifts run long or change at the last minute). Whether for internal OH&S use or to meet KPIs set by clients, Traffio allows you to demonstrate clear fatigue management processes and reporting.

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Search your database of staff for specific training and inductions, without having to memorise or follow a complex whiteboard or spreadsheet. Manage the business needs of your current reliable and competent staff, so as to not have as many “hangers on” in your system. Blackball non-starters or problematic casuals easily so they don’t sneak back into bookings, wasting even more of your valuable time.

Archived data

All data is archived at some point in a business, making finding the right information a hassle. Not with Traffio! Traffio automatically displays information relevant for the moment, but allows you to go as far back in time as you would like. All information remains accessible, without deleting or mothballing documents, or forcing you to use different software.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which devices are supported?

Traffio can be used across all modern PCs, tablets and smartphones, including Apple, Windows and Android products. It will run in the web browser of all but for best performance we recommend Google Chrome.


  • Can we manage vehicle and staff inductions?

Yes. Traffio offers induction mechanisms for vehicles as well as traffic controllers, which means less down time by sending the wrong person.


  • What type of reporting can I get?

Live minute-by-minute reporting of real time data, daily vehicle utilisation, predictive reporting of future resource requirements and expiring skills and inductions, plus much, much, more.


  • Can I have business specific reports?

Yes. Traffio has standard reports built-in reports already, but if you require a specific report our development team will customise reporting to your needs.


  • Is may data secure and what if it crashes?

We have gone to great lengths when building Traffio to make the platform secure and robust. After 5 years of operation, we have never had any down time and are constantly upgrading and improving our security and stability to ensure the platform's integrity. Files, data and web servers are replicated across multiple data centres. Your data redundancy is a cornerstone of the product. If you connect to the web, you can access your data.


  • What training do you provide?

We will provide staff training as required, however we have found that Traffio works with limited training as Traffio is so user friendly for all IT levels in the TC world.


  • What happens when a job is cancelled?

The staff required for the job are automatically notified via sms and email.


  • Will Traffio work with my accounting software?

Yes. Traffio is compatible with the most popular accounting software. i.e MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks.


  • How much does it cost?

Traffio is priced per vehicle on the road starting with a free tier for up to 7 vehicles. Please email or call the team and they will be able to explain the simple and business friendly rates.


  • How do we get started?

Contact Traffio via email, phone or request a demo and we can come to you to demonstrate how well Traffio works in the traffic control industry, so for a free trial version and a conversation on how Traffio will benefit your business hit the link below.


Traffio has massively reduced the running costs of our office.


The intuitive interface has increased our productivity by streamlining the placement of bookings & the sending of messages, and as a result it has allowed us to cope with spikes in our demand without adding extra administrative staff.


Traffio just makes sense.


Ease of use is excellent.


Other systems are like fitting a square peg into a round hole.  Traffio works with & for the traffic control industry.


Please note: Traffio will provide details of the Testimonials where appropriate as Traffio respects the privacy & professional advantages that Traffio provides

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